Be proactive with Basement Mold Cleaning

The homeowner can easily accomplish basement mold cleaning of small to moderate areas provided that precautionary steps are taken for safety.

Protect yourself and your family when undertaking a basement mold cleaning project. You should wear safety glasses or goggles, a disposable dust mask and household rubber gloves. Be sure to open a window nearby to dissipate fumes, seal off air ducts and vents, and make sure that infants and family members with health problems are kept away from the work area during the basement mold cleaning. Afterwards, be sure to clean the entire area around the mold breakout. Floors should be vacuumed, and bedding and clothes exposed to the mold should be washed.

It is important to clean any small moldy areas before they become a larger problem. Painting over a moldy surface is not a substitute for a good cleaning. If the mold returns or you have a larger concentration, contact a professional mold cleaner.

Basement mold cleaning is vital to keep your family happy and healthy.

If the mold in your house is limited to a few patches smaller than ten square feet, the basement mold cleaning can be done with a detergent solution such as laundry detergent and warm water. Bleach is not recommended, as it is not a reliable disinfectant.

First, scrub the affected areas thoroughly and then sponge the area with a clean, wet rag, and then allow the area to dry quickly. It is recommended to use an unscented cleaning product for basement mold cleaning to make it easier to detect any residual moldy odors. For moldy drywall, use a little bit of unscented detergent or baking soda using a damp rag. Be sure to avoid getting the drywall too wet.

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