Prevent Basement Water Problems With Weeping Tiles

Prevent Basement Water Problems With Weeping Tilesc

In some areas, the temperature change that occurs in springtime, with ground thaw and rain season, can cause some pretty unavoidable basement water problems. And there are many different methods of prevention and protection against these hazards that not only can damage a pocketbook, but health as well. One of these preventions is the presence of weeping tiles.

Basement Water Problems

Effects of basement water problems consist of flooding and excessive moisture, which after evaporation or temperature change will develop mold and rot. These can contribute to serious health risks for people suffering from asthma or other respiratory or allergic conditions. They can damage a home's value and more dangerous, structural stability, reducing the lifespan of the building.

Basement water problems can cause more serious damage to a home than financial, and prevention is the best ally against them.

The concept of a weeping tile is straightforward and highly functional. It is an underground pipe, usually made from plastic that has tiny holes in its surface. Its function is directly linked the basement water problems in that it is designed to collect moisture from the ground surrounding a foundation. Water in the ground seeps into the pipe and is manipulated into a sewer or sump pump. A surrounding layer of aggregate material prevents nearby earth from infiltrating the tile space and defeating the purpose.

Since a high percentage of basement water problems are caused by leaking water from surrounding land, this application is extremely useful. Some houses sit in the middle of inward-sloping land, which makes the chances of basement water problems even higher. Weeping tile installation would be as pertinent in this case as landscaping the property to slope downward from the foundation to reverse the natural water-flow.

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