Simple steps to Find Basement Leaks

At one point or another you will need to find basement leaks in your home. Cracks often form within concrete foundations as the house settles into the ground or is affected by other factors such as earthquakes. Even a small crack can cause water to get into your basement. With these techniques, you will be able to quickly find basement leaks and make the necessary repairs.

A simple test to find basement leaks can determine if water is seeping in from outside. Tape a twelve-inch square of aluminum foil on a wall that you have been experiencing dampness with. Seal all four sides of the foil airtight. Check on the foil in a day or two. If the inside of the foil is damp, you have an exterior leak. Once you find basement leaks, you can determine what repairs or changes to your house need to be done to correct the problem.

There are other signs that will help you to find basement leaks. A common tip-off is the appearance of efflorescene, a whitish mineral deposit, on the wall. Other telltale signs are peeling paint, mold, mildew, lifted floor tiles and rusted metal feet on appliances.

The next step to find basement leaks is to check the water system and plumbing in your house. Check the water supply lines and sinks for leaks, and for running toilets. If you don't notice anything, shut off the water supply for the entire house, take a note of the reading, and see if the reading changes over the course of a couple of hours. If there is a change, you may have a pipe leak behind a wall. Contact a professional plumber for assistance.

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