Basement Rec Room Ideas Can Come True!

Basement Rec Room Ideas Can Come True

  Does making your basement rec room ideas come true seem like too much work? Before answering, consider these questions: Have you ever wandered into your basement and thought that maybe it could be the setting for a psychological thriller movie? Or just gone down to pick up some tools, then turned the light off and left it once again for the space that time forgot?

Have you wondered if maybe it could be more?
            If you have, maybe it’s time to consider turning the damp place ‘down there’ into a rec room. There are as many basement rec room ideas as there are people. Why not transform your basement from dank dungeon into a wild west saloon? Or from ancient ruins into warm gathering place of fun for you and your family? Your basement rec room ideas may be quite different and unique, but that’s the point!

            So here’s what you need to do. Get creative. Mine the depths of your basement rec room ideas to find out what you want the basement rec room to accomplish. Next, if necessary, work on the basic outline in choosing floors, walls/wallpaper, and anything else to make the space, a livable space. Then, take those basement rec room ideas and keep an eye out for anything you come across that might fit with the style of your basement rec room. Think of it almost like a treasure hunt: the objects you find are your booty, the rec room is where X marks the spot.

            Before leaving your basement alone to the ravages of another year, think of how much fun you could have turning it into a rec room – both before and after. Take thosebasement rec room ideas and turn them into a reality!

Basement Flooring Ideas and Tips

  • since basements are surrounded by earth that remains at a relatively constant temperature year around, they're naturally cooler in the summer than above ground rooms

  • ducts and plumbing may need to be relocated along walls or beams, where head-room isn't so critical

  • Use horizontal design elements to emphasize the width and length of the room rather than its lack of height. Set tiles in a diagonal pattern to make the room feel wider.

  • carpet is acceptable, but "Mexican" tiles are prime choice if you want low maintenance and  durability

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